The Sally B Appeal

Please support The Sally B Appeal

We urgently need your help!

On the 16th March 2020, it is exactly FORTY-FIVE years since our beloved B-17 arrived here in the UK, and here we are all these many years later with Sally B still flying!

This momentous journey continues despite the many hurdles, myriad setbacks and most astonishing without any official help whatsoever. What an incredible achievement and testimony to the hard work and total dedication of all who keep her flying.

But now, we desperately need your support if we are to continue keeping Sally B flying. We need to raise funds towards one new engine AND we need funds to repair not one but two spare engines, a hugely costly exercise. And, this, of course is on top of the continuous and ever-increasing cost of insurance, fuel, maintenance and spares.

This is why we so desperately need your help. Therefore, Please, please support the B-17 Sally B Appeal, we are depending on you, as we tackle the greatest set of challenges we have faced for many years and keep honouring those young servicemen of the USAAF who made the ultimate sacrifice in WWII.

As a "thank you", if you contribute £35 or more you will receive an exclusive print of Sally B from a photograph by Aviation ‘PhotoCrew Belgium’ specially commissioned for this Appeal. 

Give £395 or more (£460 for non members) and we will add the name of your choice to The Roll of Honour on Sally B for one year. Plus, you and your guest will be invited to join us as our VIP guests at Duxford on Sunday 9 August 2020. Here, you will also enjoy lunch in the AirSpace Suite, in the company of Sally B’s operator, pilots, and team leaders. On this special day your chosen name will be officially unveiled and Sally B will fly just for you - truly a day to remember!

Please, help us by making a donation today. Sally B NEEDS YOU!

To make a donation online, click on one of the buttons above, using our secure CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) link or complete and return the donation form

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Elly Sallingboe
B-17 Operator and Chairman of the Trustees

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