The Team & Crew of Sally B


For more than four decades, this unique, historic aircraft has been kept flying thanks to the time, effort and dedication of a group of people we call our Team and Crew. Keeping Sally B going has always been, and continues to be, a labour of love for all concerned. Even so, it’s not enough simply to love the aircraft (although it helps!). This is an operation that relies heavily on teamwork.

Throughout the long winter months when maintenance is taking place, everyone involved in this vital work pulls together so that, come the spring, Sally B can take her place on the grass runway at Duxford, ready for her engines to roar into action. Spring is also the time when many more Team and Crew Members become involved. From cleaning the aircraft to sourcing spare parts, from selling souvenirs to signing up new Members, from helping on the sales stall to actually flying the aircraft, everyone has their part to play in keeping Sally B flying.

Without teamwork, this aircraft would not have flown for one year, let alone 45! Sally B really does have the best team spirit anywhere in the world. So, meet our Crew and Team, whose aim is to ensure that Sally B will continue to fly for the education and enjoyment of thousands of people for generations to come.


Elly Sallingboe - B-17 Operator & Chairman of Trustees

Danish born Ellinor Sallingboe, better known as “Elly” heads the B-17 organisation. In 1979 Elly Sallingboe and Ted White formed B-17 Preservation to operate and raise funds to keep the last remaining B-17 in the UK flying as the USAAF WW II Memorial Flight. In 1981 Elly obtained her Private and Commercial Pilots Licences. Following Ted’s untimely death in 1982, Elly took sole control of the B-17’s operation, including the major challenge of raising the essential funds to keep this four- engined aircraft flying - a struggle that continues today without any official support of any kind. In 1981 she created the Great Warbirds Air Display which became the greatest show of vintage aircraft in Europe which she ran for 13 years until, due to increasing costs it came to an end in 1992. Since taking over the operation of the B-17 organisation in 1982 her life has been dedicated to the formidable task of keeping Sally B flying.


The Crew

Left to right: Training Captains Andrew Dixon and Roger Mills, The late Chief Engineer Peter Brown, The late Sales Team Leader Derek Smith, Engineering Supervisor Mike Stapley, Deputy Engineering Supervisor Steve Carter, First Officers Bill Tollett and Daryl Taplin .

Andrew Dixon – Training Captain


Andrew joined the team in 1995, initially as First Officer, then as Captain and in 2000 the aircraft’s Training Captain. Andrew had harboured an ambition to fly Sally B since he joined the Supporters Club on the day he first saw the aircraft at Biggin Hill 1978. His extensive career flying vintage aircraft includes some 12 years flying DC-3s and DC-6s for Air Atlantique before combining 4 engines and tailwheels with the B-17. He is now based in Bournemouth as Operations Director of Meridian Aviation for whom he flies all varieties of New Piper and Pilatus Aircraft on ferry/sales and demonstration flights all around the world. In addition to the “day job” Andrew flies various historic aircraft including his own Percival Pembroke “Percy” Andrew has amassed some 23,000 hours, over 12,000 of which are on multi radial-engined piston aircraft.


Peter Kuypers – Training Captain & B-17 Liaison


Peter joined the Sally B family in 2009. Peter is well known as the Display Pilot of the Dutch B-25 Mitchell, which he has flown for 22 years. He is also a display pilot on the DC3/C47 Dakota and the Russian Yak 50 aerobatic aircraft. Over the past many years he has flown hundreds of displays in numerous countries in Europe and has dropped airborne paratroopers from Dakota’s over Normandy and Arnhem for WWII memorials. Peter started his flying career on gliders as a young boy of 14 and progressed from there to captain on Airbus A330 for KLM. During his comprehensive career Peter has flown over 20.000 hours on a wide range of aircraft types. In 2014, after years of supporting the operation of the B-17, he was made Trustee of the B-17 Charitable Trust


Jon Corley –  Captain


Originally trained as an electronics engineer at GEC-Marconi, Jon chased his childhood dream of becoming a pilot and in 1995 started his training as a Private Pilot. When he gained his license he joined Air Atlantique and became a commercial pilot. Jon moved on to the aerial reconnaissance part of the company flying Cessna twin engine aircraft, before being streamlined into the turbo-prop fleet for freight and VIP passengers on the Fairchild Metroliner and Cessna 406. In 2005 he became the Chief Pilot for 'Classic Flight', eventually being qualified on most of the aircraft they operate, as a display pilot, instructor and examiner. Types flown range from the Auster, Chipmunk and Prentice, on to twin engine Rapides, Dove, Avro Anson, Twin Pioneer and DC-3, and even on ex-military jets such as Jet Provost, Vampire, Venom and Gloster Meteor. Although not flying, Jon also became involved in taxiing the Avro Shackleton and Douglas DC-6. Outside of Air Atlantique he has also qualified on the Boeing B-17, Howard 500, Beech 18, Grumman Widgeon and Albatross, T-6 Harvard, Hurricane and Spitfire. He also taxies the Lancaster and Mosquito. Jon has moved into the corporate aircraft sector flying Citation business jets around Europe, whilst still being involved many other classic aircraft in his spare time as a display pilot and instructor/examiner.


Daryl Taplin - Chief Engineer & Pilot


Daryl joined the Sally B team as a pilot in 2007 and became Chief Engineer in 2020.  He is an owner of a flying club/school and an aircraft maintenance company at Redhill Aerodrome in Surrey and enjoyed a long career as aircraft engineer with British Caledonian Airways and British Airways.  He holds Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Licences on huge variety of aircraft types ranging from the Tiger Moth to the Boeing 787.  Daryl also has an Airline Transport Pilots Licence and is a flying instructor.  He has flown extensively throughout the UK, Europe and the USA.


Steve Carter - Deputy Chief Engineer



Paul Szluha - Pilot


Paul was originally ‘adopted’ by the Sally B family in 1977 as a 14 year old schoolboy.   He cut his engineering teeth on the B17 under the mentorship of B17 Chief Engineers Fred Hanson and Pete Brown and went on to gain A, C and X engineering licences.  He went into partnership with Fred and worked with him to establish Ragwing Aviation at Audley End, eventually becoming the owner and chief engineer.  Paul started his pilot career by gaining a PPL on Tiger Moths in 1988 and progressed to commercial flying becoming captain on the ATR42 and BAe146.  Paul has maintained an active interest in Vintage aviation and has owned and operated his own Tiger Moth for many years.  Flying the B17 was a childhood dream but considered by Paul to not be an option and one that was out of his reach.  Becoming a B17 pilot and being welcomed back ‘home’ has completed the circle and the 14 year old schoolboy’s dream has become a reality.

Gone but not forgotten
Peter Brown


A tribute to the late chief engineer Peter Brown

Peter was responsible for the overall maintenance of the B-17 and the mountain of paperwork this entails. Following a plea for help he joined the team as Chief Engineer in 1984 and 2006 is his 22nd year with the aircraft. Peter's very extensive career in aviation engineering began in 1950 with the RAF. On leaving the Air Force he worked at Marshall’s of Cambridge, the late Freddie Laker's Air Charter, Aviation Traders, Monarch Airlines, Cargolux and Trans-Meridian. He has worked on York Tudors B170, DC-3s, DC-4s, Vanguards and on the DC-3 replacement named " The Accountant", He was Chief Engineer for HeavyLift Cargo Airlines until he retired in 1998. Peter's personality, engineering knowledge and expertise played a vital role to Sally B's existence. Peter Brown sadly died on the 10th of June 2021 following a short illness.


Derek Smith


A tribute to the late sales team leader Derek Smith

Derek first saw Sally B fly at Great Leighs, Chelmsford in 1984. He was so impressed by the "beautiful silver aircraft" that he found the sales stall and joined the Supporters Club there and then. In 1984, Derek increased his involvement and helped set up one of the sales stalls at the Great Warbirds Air Display, since when he has not looked back, and was head of the sales team. Wherever Sally B flies, you are almost certain to find Derek with the B-17 sales team. Derek has also set up the internal structure of the crew room at Duxford and more recently the new Sally B sales unit. Derek was a Trustee of the B-17 Charitable Trust and, in 2011 he celebrated 30 years with Sally B. Sadly, Derek Smith passed away on the 1st of March 2014 following a long illness.


Sally B Engineering Team

credit David Whitworth

Some of Sally B's Engineering Team with Operator Elly Sallingboe and Captain
Peter Kuypers

Team left to right: Tom Carter Petit.............  Kneeling: .......... Daryl Taplin, Elly Sallingboe and Peter Kuypers


Sally B Support Team

credit Andrew Lamnea

Some of Sally B's Support Team with Operator Elly Sallingboe and Captain
Peter Kuypers

Team left to right: Andy Jackson, Paul Bishop, Richard Bird, John Jeffrey,
John Owen, Steve Carter, Jim and Annie Bauer, Dominic Ivaldi, Cathy Wayman,
Kevin Hough, Jo Redfarn and Danni Owen.  Kneeling: Darren and Callum Smith,
Elly Sallingboe and Peter Kuypers




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