B-17 Technical Data


The B-17 was critical to the USAAF daylight precision bombing campaign and was armed with 13 machine guns, hence the name "Flying Fortress".

Flying in formation, the Fortresses battled through German defences in daylight raids, suffering heavy casualties until the addition of long-range escort fighters, the P-47 Thunderbolt and P-51 Mustang, and the introduction of the 25 mission limit.

Combat crews lives were measured in weeks rather than months but, despite the high casualty rate, B-17's became famous for returning home with terrible battle damage and were fondly regarded by their crews for this quality.


Power: Four Wright R-18200-97 Cyclone radial engines, each producing 1,200 hp at 15,000 ft.

Performance: Max speed 287 mph at      25,000 ft.
Cruising speed 150 mph at 5,000 ft.
Climb 20,000 ft in 37 minutes.
Service ceiling 35,600 ft.
Range, 2,000 miles with 6,000 lbs of bombs.

Weights: Empty - 36,135 lb.                  Gross - 65,500 lb.

Dimensions: Wing span 103 ft 9 in.
Length 74 ft 4 in.
Height 19 ft 2 in.

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