Sally B's Sponsors

Several organisations help us in various ways to achieve our mission to keep Europe's last airworthy B-17 Flying Fortress, Sally B in the UK. So, who's doing what? Here's a list of our sponsors and how they are helping us.

A huge thank you to them all!


The Imperial War Museum Duxford
The Imperial War Museum Duxford is the aircraft's permanent home, and in a mutually beneficial agreement, Sally B has been permanently based there for over forty years. When we urgently needed funds to get the B-17 Charitable Trust on its way, the museum provided a generous grant of £20,000 to the trust - the largest single donation received by the charity to that date. In recognition of this support, Sally B became the flagship of the American Air Museum. The Museum provides a secure base for the B-17 and as such is invaluable to its continuing operation.
Chiltern Air Freight
Chiltern Air Freight, run by Jon "JJ" Jeffrey, is a huge help to the Sally B operation by assisting in the shipping of spare parts and Cyclone engines. It’s a family owned forwarder based at Heathrow Airport offering a personalised service for all aspects of the import and export of cargo to and from the UK.
Kearsley Airways
Kearsley Airways has for the last ten years supplied Chief Engineer Peter Brown with extremely valuable engineering support, by way of testing and overhauling parts.
Adams Aviation
Adams Aviation is Europe’s largest distributor of parts and accessories for general and business aviation. They offer market-leading traceability with the goods at no extra charge, along with same-day despatch for next-day delivery across Europe, or via consolidated shipments. In 2017 they donated two directional gyros for Sally B.
Tatenhill Aviation
Tatenhill Aviation Ltd was founded in 1987 with the intention of serving aircraft owners/operators with an approved maintenance facility at a competitive cost, they are conveniently located in the Midlands. In 2017 they donated an electrical horizon for Sally B.
Trig Avionics
Trig Avionics Limited was founded in January 2004 to develop innovative avionics products for general aviation.  Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Trig are specialists in low power, high tech solutions to existing and emerging requirements in general aviation avionics.  In 2014 Trig Avionics donated two brand new 8.33Khz VHF radios to Sally B. We are delighted to have the latest radio technology onboard our B-17. In 2021 Trig donated ADS-B equipment bringing 21st century technology to the B-17.
Fistral Impex Ltd
Fistral is a huge help to the Sally B operation by assisting in the shipping of spare parts and Cyclone engines. Fistral Impex provides you with a full and comprehensive import and export service. From your door to your clients'  any where in the world - by land, air or sea - Fistral  will complete the entire transport procedure.


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